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Every semester each school is likely to work as much as possible in order to achieve various goals, from individual goals to get a good grade to larger objectives as maintaining the school’s image. Either way both of the parties are required to work just as hard to achieve these goals. By the end of the semester both students and teachers overloaded with information are certain to long for a break. To take some time off is necessary for all in order to refresh our minds, avoiding the frustrations caused by working too long.In other cases it can further be perceived as a reward for holding on for so long between tight schedules unable to engage with the normal everyday leisure activities, perhaps due to exam stress. 

Festivals are always conducted in almost everywhere whether it is in houses or businesses; it is the same with schools as well. Each of these environments with its own uniqueness and differences still are noticed in engaging with similar events when it comes to such social occasions. This can be due the unspoken need of simply having some time off to yourself or to gather up with everyone else and merely enjoy the moment.

Apart from these ideas for schools which is basically the second place in our society where we are expected to improve and enhance our knowledge, festivals seem almost vital. School fetes are one of the ways to celebrate these occasions and festivals. This is where the school festival will be held outdoors on grounds as amusement parks. This being a large way to possibly celebrate holidays or occasions can offer various opportunities as well. Since it can help the relationship between teachers and students become stronger allowing both the parties to get familiar with one another. Among these activities are school fete rides compiled of various leisurely rides from the Ferris wheel to carousels. However as it is indeed a school activity it can also be taken into consideration that it can further help the students with their interest in sporty activities or help them with any sort of fear that they may have as fear of heights.

Once such occasions and festivals are held and enjoyed it can help both teachers and students to refresh and start anew in the next semester. The fact that schools most often conduct these activities can also be due to how they want to make sure that the needs of students are met without only demanding good grades from them. It can further be aimed to encourage and motivate students helping them to look forward in their daily school lives.