How To Pick A Caterer For An Event

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Whether you’re planning on throwing a big birthday party for your kid, or organizing a corporate event, you will need to look into many details beforehand, such as location, food, photography and music. Out of these, the main thing that people remember about any party will ultimately be the food. This means that getting the best caterer possible is essential in determining the success of your event. Here are a few things to consider before you make your pick.

The Food

The most obvious in this list would be the food. If you have not already tasted the caterer’s food at a previous event, then it is always best to request for a sample tasting platter. The quality and taste of food is something that you definitely cannot compromise on when throwing a party. Therefore by trying out what the caterer has to offer, in advance, you will be able to ensure that your guests will leave the party happy. You should also consider selecting your caterer based on the type of food that you want. If you want Chinese finger food at your party, then it is best to get a caterer who specializes in Chinese cuisine.

Recommendations and Service

If you have no idea where to start looking for a caterer, the best option is to get recommendations from people who are knowledgeable about the industry. Wedding venues and other ideal event settings will have a list of caterers in the area, as well be able to give some insight on the food and services offered by them.

Wedding venues Melbourne will also have a couple of trusted caterers that they recommend for weddings happening at their venue, and these caterers will definitely be up to standard. You could also talk to friends and family who have thrown similar parties, or have gone to a party where they were impressed with the catering.

The service offered by the caterer on the day of the event go hand in hand with the food, and contributes to the overall experience. Make sure that the caterer you hire has friendly and helpful servers, who are experienced and good at their job.

Flexibility and Experience

Any event would have quite a few last minute changes, so make sure that your caterer is flexible enough to accommodate these changes. A sudden increase in the number of guests may happen days before the party, since most people may wait till the last minute to confirm. In such an instance a caterer may need to increase the quantity of the food being served, and should not be flustered by it. In addition instances such as having to change the location of an outdoor event, due to bad weather, may require a caterer to change the way the food is set up, or even the way some of the food is prepared. Make sure you pick a caterer who is experienced and able to adapt to such situations quickly.