How To Save Money On Your Wedding Ceremony And Reception?

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A wedding involves lots of expenses and tasks. However, there are ways to save money on your wedding ceremony and reception.

Estimate your budget – It is advisable to estimate your budget before organising your wedding ceremony, so that you do not have to borrow money for completing the arrangements. Do something that is suitable for you and which you can afford to do it. Just figure out how much you have to pay for the lightning decorations, catering and florist and so on. Also, make sure you have a fair idea of the rents of the best school function venues. This link will help you to find the best school function venues.

Make the list and save some money for each purpose. If you are confused and unable to manage finances for your big day, then take the assistance of a wedding planner. A wedding planner can give you an estimate of the total cost, which can help you a lot. Take suggestions from near and ones, relatives, colleagues and then decide what is best for you. You can also ask the planner or your relatives and friends about the best function venues in your area. 

Make the guest list and invitations – Make a rough guest list and select the most important guests from the list. If you think that it is useless to call every single person, then make another list and select a few people. It is true that people want to have a grand wedding and reception, but always it is not easy to have. Majority of the people spend a lot of money on making invitation cards for inviting people on their big day. But you can think out of the box and save some extra money to spend on other purposes. Bring out your artistic skills, innovative qualities to make the invitation cards. Decorate it with beautiful designs, bright colors and good handwriting. You can take the aid of your friends too. 

Venue is a vital thing – Select the venue very carefully. The venue should not be far away from your home. It should be accessible to your guests so that they will not face problems to attend your ceremony. You can have a favorite reception hall in your mind; book it before many months of your big day. You can book a particular venue for wedding and reception. There is no need to change locations. Moreover, you can beautifully decorate your garden or backyard with wonderful flowers, lights and others things too. Ask for discount on the total cost. You have to bargain a bit to save more money.