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Organizing and planning an occasion can always be hectic, however when the occasion arrives we all look forward to meeting our guests and making sure they enjoy the occasion. As a gesture, a small gift (party favor) is given to the guests as a token of appreciation. Also it can be a memento of the occasion that people can keep for remembrance. The practice of giving favors at occasions has always been in the tradition of many cultures. The choice of buying or making the favors depends on the host/s.Today it has become a part of many occasions around the world.

Birthdays round the corner

Party favors for birthdays have always been a favourite among children. Commonly, bags are filled with goodies such as chocolates, candy and lollies or small gifts such as stationery, books or fun filled activity kits like cookie cutter sets etc. . Bags or wrappers containing the favors are colorfully decorated to add to the theme of the party.

Another occasion for party favors is baby showers. An announcement of a new baby always brings joy to close family and friends. Some organize a baby shower for the parents to – be and make sure to thank their guests for attending by gifting them a party favor. Gifts such as candy wrapped in baby pastel prints, rattle shaped containers and personalised chocolate bars in Australia with the wrapper colored according to the baby’s gender, For example pink or cream for girls and blue for boys.

Wedding bells are ringing

Planning a wedding involves a lot of hard work and patience that many people seem to lack nowadays. Luckily for us, wedding planners claim to have got it all under control. They even make sure that the wedding favors for the guests are prepared and organized.

Wedding showers too involve handing out party favors that can be creatively thought of and fun. Usually the favors are made with the wedding theme in mind. Mini wine bottles, candy and jelly in a jar are examples of some favor ideas. 

On the occasion of the wedding, the bride and groom usually are the hosts and they gift the wedding favors from them. Candy and lollies wrapped or cased according to the theme, personalised candles or wine glasses, personalised chocolate bars, soaps and scents etc., are some gift ideas that can be used. The date of the wedding and the initials of the couple are usually printed or added onto a personalised wedding favor. Visit this link for more details regarding wedding favours.

Gifting something on an occasion to thank your guests is always a good way to complete your occasion. Ideas for party favors can be easily found today with the use of the internet and many people’s blogs. Magazines and books can also be a source of ideas. The main fact to remember when deciding on a party favor is to make sure it suits the occasion, cost effective, creative and something your guests would enjoy and cherish.